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Healthcare Innovation News - Dheeraj Misra
Healthcare Innovation News' Thought Leaders' Corner
The healthcare ecosystem in the United States today possesses a tremendous opportunity to fully integrate information available at various points of care. The mass adaptation of EMRs, compliance and effectiveness of treatment regulations are pulling and pushing systems integration to serve all category constituents with the ultimate goal of higher quality outcomes for patients. At the same time, rising requirements entail rising costs.

Today, healthcare information technology is focused on enhancing system-to-system communication. There has been tremendous progress in exchanging information between government, providers, payers, pharmaceutical companies and patients. Organizations that understand and implement appropriate automation to manage the quality and traceability of information are clearly poised to more successfully handle price structures inherent with today’s increasingly stringent expectations.

Ultimately, the success of providers at different points of care depends heavily on the timeliness and quality of available patient and benefits information. Benefit management systems that can manage both medical and pharmacy benefits ensure treatments, coverage and EMRs are all traceable for providers. Today, integration among various EMRs, benefits management systems and claims systems is crucial. Healthcare technology/innovation is and will continue to be essential to ensuring the highest quality of patient care.

Dheeraj Misra
Chief Technology Officer/Senior Executive Vice President
Somerset, N.J.