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HIT Think New ways providers can use IT to cut management costs
HIT Think New ways providers can use IT to cut management costs​
For the healthcare industry to function effectively, patients, government, pharmaceutical companies, payers, PBMs and providers collaborate to provide low-cost products and services while meeting regulatory guidelines. Constant market forces, regulatory demands and optimization needs necessitate continuous management of rising costs, compliance needs, quality of service and consolidation across the industry, just to name a few.

These important components can be better served by elevating the role of IT from being positioned as a supporting business to becoming a core part of the enterprise. In fact, information technology is a key component of the success of the healthcare industry and must be aligned and coordinated. At the same time, the boundary between traditional business and technology has never been more diffuse. Revenue-generating business processes and the systems implementing them need to be one and the same.​..

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