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GalaxE.Solutions Review by Employees

We told you we are innovative.  EpEx is proof of that. 

EpEx is a shortened form of “Employee Experience.”  And the GxE represents GalaxE.  Representing GxE as an exponent invokes “The Power of GalaxE” and signifies the exponential efforts that we as a company put forth to proactively and positively affect our work place and our culture. Thus,EpExis our branding for your Employee Experience to the Power of GalaxE!
EpExis not just a program, it is a force.  It is a perpetual, dynamic energy that has been unleashed by the GalaxE Executive Management Team and the Human Resources Department and it is fully embraced and propelled by the extraordinary collective that is our talented workforce.
We want every employee to love working at the GalaxE Group.  To that end, we have worked hard to deliver tangible policies, processes, and programs that positively affect our employees’ daily work lives. 

Core Values

Everything we do begins and ends with our Core Values. These Core Values are the embodiment of who we are and who we want to be.  They are the specifications by which we construct and measure our conduct and our interpersonal relations at work.  All employees are held to these Values as standards and are accountable to adhere to them.  Every one of us should be living and breathing the Core Values; and that is exactly what you can expect to see from GalaxE employees and Management.

Here are the Core Values by which we live and work:

DELIVER EXCELLENCE - Exceed expectations.

BUILD TRUST - Through honesty, accountability, transparency, and accessibility. 

BE A PEOPLE PERSON - Treat everyone with dignity and respect.

CREATE VALUE - Create and constantly deliver more value.   

INNOVATE - Dream, innovate, create. 

OWN IT - Take ownership.


"At GalaxE.Solutions, I'm never limited by my job title. Most companies like to keep you confined to the job description, but here I help out in multiple projects and departments. It helps me grow. And it definitely keeps my job more interesting and active!"
- M. Sivaram, Tech Lead